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Nov 21st, 2017, 09:32am

Hello this forum is not closing. I am not going to delete it. After some things happened at my new forum. I have decided to come back to this forum. Please join. I know the ads are annoying. I might go ad free and just stay here at this forum.

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smiley The complete history of computersetc
« Thread started on: Dec 9th, 2015, 4:48pm »

On May 16, 2010, Chris Garrett (Win7user) created At first, it was called PCteks, but was changed to computer help and tech support in 2012. The forum never was a success, but it did achieve 3 regulars, Thump, Luke, and Shadow (). The forum nearly died after 2013, but in October of 2015, Shadow found a link from WinWorld and decided to sign up. Dallas and Win7user quickly became friends and started emailing each other.

On November 11, 2015, Win7user sent a message to Dallas asking if they should get a new forum. Dallas searched Google and found ProBoards. He then created The forum started out as a failure, but when WinWorld shut off their downloads and told everyone to vent on computersetc, the forum started gaining members (and spam.)

As of December 9, the forum has 15 members. It is run by 3 admins (Shadow, Win7user, and PiggyCHVN) 1 Global Moderator (Ramod) and 1 Moderator (Vanilla Minaduki.)

Both computersetc forums are online and we encourage you to join this crazy, funny, and friendly community of computer fans at

Yes I will add this I was a fool in the past I regret the way I used to act at WinWorld on their forum. It was not all my fought. It seemed to me like they kinda picked on me because I had bad grammar. Who really cares? What does it matter? I really don't care myself it does not matter. No I do not put a (,) where it should be. As long as people know what I am saying I do not see it as an issue and I will not pick on you just for not having good grammar. I fought back at them and maybe I was wrong. It turned a little ugly and I was banned their but I guess they do not know I still go there.
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